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kiwakkuki OUR DEPARTMENTS - Care & Support

Home Based Care Services in provision of Home based care services and linkages to post test club as an aspect of continuum of care and positive prevention with dignity.

  1. Medical and nursing care services
  2. Adherence  counseling and testing
  3. Effective referral and  networking system to CTC,TB ,Reproductive health and family planning ,social and legal services.

 Holistic participatory  approach which  integrate various community actors in theatre and road shows.

Most Vurnerable Children Support

KIWAKKUKI has been supporting MVC's since 1996 and this long-term support has enabled us to be able observe the MVC's progress over time. What we have seen is that these children's ability to access vocational education, health education, preparatory primary and secondary education has improved the overall quality of their lives. In addition, because we have been able to support their living situations through building homes for them and their families, both community involved with them and the child has benefited. The difference between the supported MVC and those who are not supported is profound. It is well known that Tanzania's educational system is lacking and many MVC's are not able to access secondary school, or to have extra support in knowledge of health, living or life skills.

Out of those supported we have teachers, clinical offices, carpenters, electricians, priests even some are in the countries armed forces, police amongst others. One cannot even complete what would have happened to these helpless children had the inenvitable happened.

There are many components to the level of service that MVC Prograrm provides, but one concrete project that can last for generations is the construction of small solid houses for orphans.  KIWAKKUKI learned of the importance of building these houses during the late 1990’s (1996) when Child Foundation of The Netherlands began assisting  a desperate family


  1. Direct school support services
  2. Community Sensitization


  1. Schools sponsorship: Primary, Secondary.(Ordinary level and /Advanced levels) and Vocational Skills done,  but there is a high demand for Students of Higher learning not accommodated in current support programs.
  2. Provision of school lunches and scholastic materials (uniforms, shoes and  text books
  3. Shelter support to the needy  orphaned  child headed families  Challenge on legal ownership
  4. Food and nutrition support from(WFP) to alleviate hunger