KIWAKKUKI | Vision & Values

VIsion & Value

kiwakkuki  VIsion & Value

The organization’s Vision, is to see a  community taking appropriate measures to eradicate HIV & AIDS, Poverty and contributing efforts to mitigate the impact of  HIV & AIDS and The Mission is to integrate holistic programs that focus on HIV/AIDS and increased community participation in providing services to those infected and affected by HIV&AIDS through conscious gender mainstreaming.

We are committed to the development and implementation of innovation and sustainable service delivery in HIV/AIDS, care, prevention and support by employing a health system strengthening approach. The organization  contributes towards improving capacity to respond and cope with the scourge by implementing a variety of projects and activities that include:

  1. Promote HIV/AIDS prevention through community awareness raising for behaviour change,
  2. A free same day result Voluntary Counseling and testing that is done either by stand alone or mobile service as an entry point to care  and support.
  3. Provision of Home based care services and linkages to post test club as an aspect of continuum of care and positive prevention.