Kimberly - 2008

kiwakkuki volunteers

I spent 7 weeks volunteering for KIWAKKUKI in the summer of 2008 (end of June-August). My colleague Cate Harding and I were collaborating with KIWAKKUKI to conduct research on the connections between spirituality, traditional beliefs, religion and health behaviors. We conducted 23 qualitative interviews with KIWAKKUKI employees, KCMC Chaplains, Muslim leaders and a Pentecostal priest. When we weren't conducting interviews, we were assisting KIWAKKUKI with various tasks- ranging from proofreading proposals, creating spreadsheets (budget, annual reports), tutoring employees in English, observing home based care visits etc. It was an amazing experience working with such enthusiastic and selfless individuals. KIWAKKUKI employees dedicate their lives to offering care to individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS and in doing so grant them the support they need to fight the disease. I truly value KIWAKKUKI's mission and would recommend to anyone interested in public health, policy, social work, medicine or other fields to volunteer for the organization!! It's a life changing opportunity.